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Scienze Bancarie, finanziarie e assicurative - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milano

Gabelli School of Business - Fordham University

Università Cattolica, through the Faculty of Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences, Master’s Degree Program (Laurea Magistrale) in Banking and Finance and Economics of Markets and of Financial Intermediaries, offers its students the possibility of obtaining a double qualification at the conclusion of their study path:

  • Laurea Magistrale, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • Master of Science in Global Finance (MSGF), Fordham University


The Program covers two years of study at Università Cattolica plus an intensive summer term at Fordham University (6 weeks) which will take place over the summer months following the 2nd year of the LM at UCSC, from June 10 to July 26 2019 (arrival at Fordham by June 9).  


Applications must be submitted via the appropriate call for competition by March 1st 2019 along with the payment of the relative non–refundable 35€ application fee.

Special Scholarship offered by Bernoni Grant Thornton and Intesa Sanpaolo

For more information please consult the flyer and attend the dedicated Info session, to be held on October 15th 2018 at 15.30 in Largo Gemelli - Room G 016 Maria Immacolata.


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Facoltà di Scienze bancarie, finanziarie e assicurative
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