Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Charlotte (North Carolina), UNC Charlotte

Applications open until March 10th, 2020

Double Degree in:

Laurea Magistrale in:

  • Banking and Finance (B&F) from UCSC
  • Economia dei Mercati e degli Intermediari Finanziari (EMIF) from UCSC
  • Statistical and Actuarial Sciences (Curriculum Actuarial Sciences for Insurance) from UCSC
  • Master of Science in Mathematical Finance from UNCC
  • Master of Science in Economics (only for B&F) from UNCC


Read the flyer for all the details.


The program covers two years of study of the Laurea Magistrale:
The first yeat at UCSC and the second year at UNCC
Departures are scheduled for August 2020 for the academic year 2020/2021.

How to apply


Info session

Please send an email to info.outbound@unicatt.it to set up a meeting with Cattolica International staff.


UCSC International 
Tel. 02 7234 5252
@: info.outbound@unicatt.it

Faculty of Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences
Dean, Elena Beccalli
@: elena.beccalli@unicatt.it




Study Plan (132,92 KB)